What is the UN?

The UN stands for the United Nations, which is an international organisation founded in 1945 after World War II. The organisation is currently made up of 193 Member States and its main objectives include promoting international cooperation, maintaining peace and security, fostering social and economic development, protecting human rights, and providing humanitarian aid in cases of famine, natural disaster, and armed conflict.

What is the MUN?

MUN (Model United Nations) is an activity organised by many high schools and universities around the world, which contains simulations of different committees of the United Nations, with students acting as delegates in the committees. During the conference, participants engage in negotiations on issues such as international law, security, economic development, human rights in the committees, while acting as delegates of countries. At the end of the conference, the delegates prepare and present a final declaration containing the proposed solutions for the issues discussed. Conferences are held in foreign languages such as English, German, Arabic, Russian. This provides participants with a valuable opportunity to improve their foreign language intensively both in written and oral terms. Not to forget, participants learn to reason, compromise, empathise and be objective, and have in-depth knowledge about countries in different geographies.

What is the MOTS?

The Model Organisation of Turkic States (MOTS) is a simulation of the Organisation of Turkic States, which our school was the first to conduct in coordination with the academic assistance of the Organisation of Turkic States. The event not only provided young people, through academic panels organised with organisational officials and interviews held at the end of the program, with access to more information about an organisation of which Türkiye is also a founding member, but also provided the opportunity for students to document their proposals in the international arena by delivering the final declaration written by participants at the end of the committee simulation to the Organisation of Turkic States.

Delegates will be provided a handbook explaining the MOTS committee’s procedure along with the study guides.

What is MESMUN’24?

MESMUN’24 is a Model United Nations conference, which provides delegates with a platform for negotiation, intellectual discourse, cultural exchange, and personal growth. Our motto, “Think global, act local ” underscores the pivotal role of addressing the complex challenges that transcend borders, which our delegates will set on the journey of resolving in our 11 unique committees. 

Why should I participate?

In the corridors of MUN, you’ll step into the shoes of a diplomat, navigating the landscape of global issues. It’s not merely a simulation; it’s an opportunity to understand diverse perspectives, cultivate critical thinking, and refine your ability to articulate well-founded arguments. The skills you develop in research, public speaking, and negotiation are not confined to the conference; they are tools that will serve you in any academic or professional endeavour. Moreover, using your foreign language skill in the process will ensure your development in that vein.

Where do I apply to the conference?

To be announced.

When and where will the conference take place?

Thanks to our academic partnership with Istanbul Zaim University, our conference will be using Istanbul Zaim University’s Halkalı campus as its venue. The conference will take place on 27-30 April, 2024.

Which academic procedure will MESMUN’24 adhere to?

The MESMUN’24 conference will be adhering to the Harvard MUN procedure. Further information regarding our procedure can be found in our Rule of Procedure.

In which languages are committees organised in this conference?

The conference is planned to include committees in the English, Arabic and Russian languages, along with one special committee in Turkish.

What is the conference’s dress code?

Our delegates are required to use official attire. The usage of any kind of casual clothing is strictly prohibited throughout the conference. We expect our male participants to dress in formal suites during all the sessions. Our female participants will be allowed to dress in pants and skirts, with the condition of wearing something long beneath. However, short-sleeved or low cut shirts and skirts that are not long enough to cover the knees are strictly prohibited as per the nature of our conference.

What will the schedule of the program be? 

To be announced.

How long will the conference last?

The conference will last for 4 days, on 27-30 of April.

Will the conference have accommodation?

Our conference will provide accommodation and logistics services for delegates participating internationally and outside the province.

How can I prepare for the conference?

We provide study guides for each committee in our conference, which will be helpful during the delegates’ preparation process.

Can a delegate change their allocation committee or country?

No, all the allocations are made by our dedicated academic team while taking previous experiences into consideration.

When will the study guides be published?

To be announced.

Does participation at the MESMUN’24 conference guarantee a participation certificate?

Yes, each participant will receive a participation certificate at the end of the conference. Additionally, awards for the best delegates are presented in our conference.

What is the fee of participation?

To be announced.