Agenda Item: A meeting in Beştepe

The year is 2030 and things are not looking good for the Republic of Türkiye. The country is in a lot of debt, inflation is skyrocketing, cultural shifts are damaging the reflexes of the government and the economy, which is plummeting day by day. The state of the country is a desperate one and the current administration flounders due to inexperience and so on. In MESMUN’24, our esteemed delegates will put these heavy responsibilities in futuristic fashion on their shoulders to tackle the current issues of our beloved country in a special meeting called the MOTS, where they will embody the roles of past Prime Ministers and Presidents. With a historical task in front of them, the delegates will have the opportunity to take part as the legislative body of the country, thanks to emergency powers given to them. With a weakened image in realpolitik and global diplomacy, a disaster of an economy, and a damaged reputation both domestically and abroad, with these issues on our hands in this historical mission, will you succeed in the dream of the founder of Türkiye or be forgotten in the dusty pages of history? It’s all up to you.