Welcome Letter

Esteemed Participants,

With immense delight and fervour, I extend to you a cordial invitation to partake in our school’s third annual Model United Nations conference, MESMUN’24, where it is my distinct honour to serve as the Secretary General. This year, our aspiration is to orchestrate a conference that is not only intellectually stimulating but also an indelibly enjoyable experience. With an unwavering commitment from our diligent academic team, dedicated organisational crew, and esteemed advisors, I assure you that MESMUN’24 will transcend all expectations.

In the pursuit of our lofty objective, the MESMUN’24 conference will feature 11 committees, conducted in English, Arabic, and Russian, with a special committee meticulously arranged in Turkish. These committees will delve into a spectrum of global issues ranging from human rights to decolonization, organised crime to social and political unrest. Furthermore, our delegates will be offered an intellectually invigorating experience through our crisis committees. With such intricate subjects at hand, we are confident that our delegates will engage in fruitful debates, diplomatic discourse, and innovate solutions to the challenges plaguing our world.

We acknowledge the gravity of contemporary global issues affecting billions across the globe. Adhering to our guiding principle, ‘Think global, act local,’ we provide a fitting platform for delegates to partake in constructive debates and sessions of critical thinking, where they shall address the aforementioned concerns. As delegates step into the roles of world leaders and diplomats, honing their diplomatic and negotiation skills, we anticipate nothing short of excellence in their arduous yet gratifying endeavour to craft resolutions for each addressed issue.

In conclusion, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to my academic team, organisational crew, advisors, and every individual who laboured tirelessly to bring this dream to fruition.

We eagerly anticipate your presence at MESMUN’24, where we envision the convergence of brilliant minds, spirited debates, and enduring friendships.

Yours sincerely,